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    If you have an older Pilot with a good screen I would be interested in buying it from you! I have a Pilot 5000 that I want to give to my "other half" but the screen is shattered. Obviously I'm only looking for a screen (in good condition), so if you have an old 1000/5000 that is damaged in some way that doesn't affect the screen (or an old 512k model) this would be a good chance to get rid of it.
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    Make that two of us. I've got a cracked Palm too. Old style also. it would make some niece or nephew a nice gift.
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    It appears I'm now the proud owner of a dead Palm Pro. Case and screen in excellent condition. Motherboard seems to have a problem. If either of you want it, let me know. Thanks.
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    I have an old Pilot 5000 that's busted. inside only. the outside is in good shape, and the screen looks good.

    let me know if you may want it.
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    I have a Pilot 5000 which I would sell. The body is not mint, but the screen is and the unit works fine. If your interested, email me.


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