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    I am Brazilian and I am trying to buy a Visor.
    Well, I have three more problems than you do in USA. First they donít deliver on Brazil. Second: they donít accept international credit cards. I used my Visa to buy software on American companies by Internet And third: to send money from Brazil to USA, I need to pay more than 50% in tax. I will find a way to escape from this.

    Well, I am not asking for a favor, I am asking for a service. I will pay for the work.

    Could anyone buy it to me, and sent it by normal mail service? I know about all the problems (4-6 weeks, delay, confusion, and mess). But I hope to have before Christmas. Will be my present to my self.
    If anyone can help me, say conditions and price. ďAnd help Santa Claus to deliver a Visor in Brazil.Ē

    Thanks for your attention.

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    I have an orange visor that I am willing to sell.
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    Thanks for ypur offer,but I prefer wait a bit more and get exact what I want: a graffite Deluxe Visor, with two cradles (USB and serial) and a basic case.

    Anyway, thanks.

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    Please see e-mail.


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