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Palm IIIx Super Bundle!

3Com Palm IIIx in mint condition:
The Palm IIIx includes 4MB of RAM, a dramatically improved screen from earlier Palm models, and a flip-top cover. There's also 2MB of Flash RAM, 800K of which can be used to store applications using a utility like TRG's FlashPro. Compared to the smaller Palm V, the Palm IIIx has double the memory and is compatible with a much wider range of add-ons.

With loads of accessories:

GoType keyboard. Forget taking a bulky laptop or Windows CE unit along on a trip. Just pop your Palm onto this handy little keyboard and you can type email, notes, letters, etc. on the road and easily transfer them to your desktop later for printing or other use.
Palm Modem. This little unit clips on to the bottom of the Palm IIIx and lets you HotSync on the road with your desktop computer at home, or, with any of the great add-on email programs available for the Palm/Pilot, send and receive email, or even browse the web.
Extra cradle. Install the Palm Desktop software and a crade on your PC at work and on your PC at home and you'll always have your address, to do, and calendar fully synchronized on all your PCs and your Palm/Pilot.
Hotsync cable. Want to synchronize your Palm/Pilot with a laptop, but you don't want to carry around a bulky cradle? This little cable is just the ticket. Just plug one end into the serial port, the other into your Palm/Pilot, and use the Palm IIIx's Hotsync application to sync up the two units.
Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf. Electronic Arts' hot golf game for the Palm/Pilot, perfect for keeping entertained on plane flights or on those rainy days when you can't hit the real links.

The Palm IIIx is about five months old, and is in superb condition. The Palm and all the accessories look as-new, with no nicks, scratches, or damage. The IIIx has come with two screens; this unit has the greyish screen, which is IMHO sharper and easier to read than the more greenish-looking screen on some units. The only reason I'm selling this is that I'm getting a unit with more memory.

The retail price of all of these products together is $603.90. Searching online, the best mail order price for all of these devices together is $447. My reserve is just $250.

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