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    I just bought a Treo 600 through
    Handspring's upgrade program and that leaves me with a Treo 300 which is in good condition. I don't have
    much money in this Treo 300 because Sprint screwed up one of my phones and gave me monetary credit
    for what they couldn't fix. I used the credit to pay for the Treo 300. I'm not looking to make a killing on
    this Treo as I have read other posters are planing to do. I am being up front with you that I have used the
    serial number. I have the original Box, CD, Manual, Cables, Charger, and of course the Treo 300. I'll even
    throw in the case I was using. If you would like it, I will ship it to your door, shipping paid by me, for $50 if
    you live in the continental U.S. It would make a fine communicator as is or you can strip it for parts. I
    basically don't want to hassle with eBay and if I can help someone out on Treo Central, all the better. If you
    are interested. please email me and we can take this off the discussion board.

    ( Please remove XXXX before using email address.
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    I will take it if it works OK. I sent you an email. Thanks!!!
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