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    Are you freaking kidding me?

    This is the same guy that just posted these messages in an earlier thread:


    Dudes (and Ladies)!!!!!!!!!!
    Get this. Go to and sign up (it's free, too).

    Do a search for "Value America" and then enter Value America through Bizrate. Then you can enter Value America with the cookie you already had set up (becuase you signed up with VA first!) and their will be AN ADDITIONAL 3% rebate from Bizrate.

    What this means is I can get a Palm V for $202.73 (plus s/h).

    I ask the ANY reason not to get this?


    Generic: Dude, thanks. I went back in using a variation of my name (Ray vice Raymond) and a different Tag.
    James: Do the same.

    Now, I may go ahead and buy a couple of Palm Vees, put the mothers on Ebay and make out...waddya say?


    SO YOU'RE TRYING TO SCAM US? Honestly, I'll let you get away with it at eBay, I really don't care. But don't try it here.

    Joe M.
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    What's the matter, Solo? Having "morning after" regrets?

    After all of the ranting and raving you have perpetrated on this BB, you have some nerve.

    MJH <><
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    Do you know what is pathetic?

    A guy that gets his handle because his wife divorced him and broke his heart- now he's Solo. Boohoo. Then he has to "make a woman think [he's] her cyber lesbian lover" in order to get his kicks because he's too pathetic to actually go out and meet some women. Oh, and then on top of that he doesn't make enough $$, so he has to start selling Palm V's after market, one by one. Quote - "If I have to buy a V, sell it for a profit and then order the Vx through ecost, I will." Who's the smart one, the guy who makes enough money to pay for his own PDA and helps other people get good deals, or the one who needs to take other people's money in order to scrounge up enough to buy one. If you had any sense of investment/profits you would be making many times the $50 you want by the booming(other than the last two weeks) stock market we've been having.

    You tell us we're lemmings, and that you're the big bad SOLO who does things for himself and doesn't follow the crowd etc. I think you're an insult to our intelligence.

    As for cluttering these boards with flames, etc. - this will be the only one. Solo, you can respond with whatever you want, but I hope other people do not continue this discussion. I am finished with it.

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    I don't doubt that you are able to mask your identity or do whatever.

    My point is that this is Visorcentral, that is to say, a community of people who are at least slightly inclined toward Handspring's startup venture. What I find as taking "nerve," is that you came here, knew that the Visor would be delivered sometime this month, then decided to quit the wait and switch to a Palm.

    Now, I don't have a problem with that. I don't even have a problem with your help in alerting others here of a good way to get a cheap Palm at VA.

    It does bother me, however, that this has become a sort of crusade that you seem feel the need to take as many people with you, as well as rudely flaming the Visorcentral staff, those who don't seem to see things as you do, etc.

    Then, you have the gall to try to finance your switch to the Palm here, again, at the Visorcentral site. Now I realize that it's a free Internet, but it would seem that there are even more logical places to do this (e.g. eBay).

    It seems to me that your latent anger and an effort to spite the Visor seems to be behind this.

    Overall, it's kinda sad, and I'll have to tell you, I pray for you, and I truly hope that you can get beyond some of this.

    MJH <><

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