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    I have a palm III that has just died. My warranty has expired - one month ago. They are telling me that if I send them $100 they will send me a refurbished unit. I've ordered the Visor Deluxe and I would like to sell this unit. Any suggestions
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    Nevermind. 3Com is sending me a new Palm III. At least I'll have something to use until the Visor gets here. If anyone wants to make me an offer for the Palm III - let me know.
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    Funny, but that's exactly my story and why I ordered a Visor, except 3Com ain't sending me a new one....!
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    Mark - I did the VA thing outlined in another thread and purchased a Palm V for $222. If you need the memory you could go with Palm IIIx - for $149. I did not want to wait for the Visor and Value America had such a great deal. I am planning on selling the new Palm III from 3Com.

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