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    I've got the new Visor Deluxe, and now I want to sell my VII, so I can buy accessories (the Modem, a serial cradle for work, the GoType! keyboard, etc.)

    I'm asking $500.


    The San Francisco Palm/Pilot User Group!
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    You've got one or you ordered one? You aren't another person with a preview visor are you? If so please post a review.
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    I'm the same one who wrote the review.

    President, SFPUG

    The San Francisco Palm/Pilot User Group!
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    This looks like the best endorsement yet for the Visor Deluxe!
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    ... except Palm just dropped the VII price down to $499 ...
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    It will be tough selling a used VII for $500 when a new one now costs $499.

    Can you confirm that the VII really is as bad as It seems.

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    In Mic's defense his original price was posted over 2 weeks ago, I'm sure he has probably either reconsidered the amount he would take for the item or decided not to sell it. With the recent price drop it might be the latter because it would be worth more to just keep it.

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