For Sale:

3com PalmV [moreinfo \\\]
-800k FlashRAM
-DragonBallEZ Processor
-Palm OS 3.1.1
-Excellent display [best in 3com line]
-extremely minor screen scratches
-vinyl screen protector installed
-will leave most software installed

PalmV Hardcase [has Grafitti stickers behind PalmV]

Dual Action Stylus [sylus/ball point pen \\\ PalmV design]

PalmV Cradle with Mac Adaptor Cable [w/AC Adaptor]
-PalmV charges internal Lith-Ion batts while in Cradle

PalmV 33.6k Clipon Modem (minor scratches on bottom edge)
-Check Email, News, IRC Chat, Telnet
-Surf the web with Proxiweb [VERY fast with 33600bps connect]

GoType! Pro Keyboard (NEW) [moreinfo \\\]

Everything comes with Original Boxes/Manuals/Software.
Everything in Great Working condition. Asking $525 OBO
[Will *NOT* sell pieces individually!] - [buyer pays shipping]
[Will send UPS Ground w/Insurance - if faster delivery is not needed]

|-=-| Please direct all inquries to : |-=-