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    So, my Pilot 1000/2M/Pro is getting a bit creaky. A new case would probably cover it. (couldn't resist) But the display is original and lacks. Given that I might spring for a visor... that is if I could figure out where to get 'em.

    Cheers! Best wishes and good luck on the Launch. And thanks for organizing my
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    Hi, I was also wondering where I could get a Visor from. Also, is it just me or is the Handspring website like... a little... empty? How come they didn't even like advertise the Visor and like have a big page about it? After all it IS their main product right? When will they start selling it?
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    Try here:

    They don't seem to be shipping until October though.

    PDA Buzz Guy
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    The Handspring web site(s), including the website, are distinctly lacking in purchase/order info.

    Anybody know what's going on? I read in USA Today that the ordering was going live at 6AM ET!
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    They not lacking in info - you just have to be more carefull when looking on web site as usual, since they dont have special button "Order Me"

    anyway, the URL is:

    look at the string under Visors picture
    "To reserve a Visor call ..."
    I just have ordered mine, but you have to wait on the line for couple of minutes, they probably having hard times with the calls...
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    Just to make life easier, here's the number
    to pre-order (from the web page):

    To reserve a Visor call 888-565-9393!
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    But what if I want to order from overseas? I'm in Australia you see...
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    Well, if you want to oder from overseas "you have to have an address within the USA" to get such a cool thingy. I donīt have either as I live in Germany. If anybody here has an idea how to get one in Europe, please contact me. Iīm willing to pay for this!

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    I'd be happy to order whatever anyone wants, but we will have to work out some type of payment option of course. I'd only want you to pay for the actual cost, plus the cost of shipping and insurance to wherever it is going. If you want to view any "stats" on me, go to ebay and look up "imsolo." That is me and you can see if I am trustworthy or not (I am the former). If you want to email me and not fill up this thread, go ahead and do so.

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