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    Here's the "cliff-notes" version:

    I call to order a Treo 600. Place order and get a 150.00 credit to the account for extending the plan for 2 years. I get no confirmation of the order but was told to call "eRep" shipping department for the tracking number the next day.

    Next day call eRep dept. and they have no record of my order. No biggie, I explain my conversation and they say we will order for you now and send direct. Cool, but what about the 150 dollar credit? "NOPE. We don't have anything to do with that." I decide to call customer solutions and after 2 hours split between people that don't know what to do and the hold music I finally get a supervisor. YAY! Supervisor takes care of everything. I tell the supervisor to hold on just a second because I see the deal that Handspring is offering. She says it's too late and she can't cancel the order. I say it's no biggie, just go ahead with the order. I am still happy!

    I get the phone 2 days later and activated it. I call customer solutions to verify the credit and they have no idea of what I am talking about. They tell me to call back in a day. I call last night (2 days later) and they say they don't know what to do, but they will have their supervisor look at it and give me a call.

    I call today because of no call and this supervisor tells me that I don't qualify for the rebate......WHAT!? I was already promised the rebate and now you're taking it back? He then proceed to ARGUE with me....not letting me get a word in. Telling me that I did not receive any verbage about a rebate. I tell him that a supervisor told me that I would receive the rebate for extending the plan. He tell me that that's not what the computer says. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

    I tell him that I would like to return the phone and cancel my account. He tells me that he can send me some bubble package for the phone. Then tells me that my contract is good till Oct. 2005 (yep! 2 years!). I told him that the contract would be null and void because of being made on false pretenses. ie, the 150.00 credit not being fulfilled. He says nope, that's not what was offered. AAAAAAHHHHHH!

    I ask to speak to his supervisor....she is supposed to call me in 24 hours. I hope she doesn't call right now because I am still shaking with fury. I need to break something. Maybe I can find a pencil or something........I WISH I HAD A STRESS BALL right now.

    What do you guys think? I have never had a problem with Sprint before this. I have been a customer for a year and have been extremely happy with the service and customer support. What the heck has happened in the last 2 weeks? Do the just pick a name out of a hat and say, "Let's be really mean to this guy for the month."

    I hope this gets resolved......
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    Yea Sprint has been progressivly getting worse about this kinds of matters. It seems they are trying to screw over every last customer. I've had similar problems but not nearly as worse thank god. I think the best thing to do right now is call, call, and keep calling. Dont let a second go by because the longer you wait the closer you get to a 14 or 7 remorse type period. If you pass that than they will have you forever (well two years at least). Talk to every department you can and be assertive but not too angry. Sound mad but not overwhelmingly pissed. Be reasonable but let them know what they have done and are doing is wrong and you want what you deserve. Of course dont rest untill you get it and always get more because you wasted a lot of time with them and if you have to walk away do it now. If you feel like you cant deal with the drama any more try to get out of the contract completely and sign with someonelse or resign with them later. Hope that helps

    Good luck ....I feel your pain
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    Go to "", go to the FAQ section, and find the number for Corporate. If you read through the posts on that site, those people will have great recommendations for you. However, I already know what they'll tell you--call corporate headquarters. From the posts I've read, 99% of the people with complaints who do call corporate get everything cleared up immediately. Do it now before your trial period ends, just to be safe.
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