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    What is the difference between them? Do they all cost $15 or is the bussines one $30? I don't get it.
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    They are all $15. The difference is what you want.

    Pictures Pack does unlimited data and gives you access to the Pictures site for sharing pics and all. It also gives you $5 in credits for downloading apps, ringers or games.

    Premium Pack also has unlimited data, but does not give you access to the Pictures site. Instead, it offers $10 of credits for downloading apps, ringers or games. It's the worst pack to get IMHO.

    Finally, Professional Pack gives you unlimited data and also access to the Pics sites(go figure!). It also includes Business Connect which is Sprint's way of syncing e-mail and contacts to your phone/PDA. If you have a Pocket PC then they add another $15 to that for a total for $30. If I were picking a pack, I'd pick the for the Professional Pack for use with the Treo as it gives you business connect and the pics access all for $15.

    Hope that helps!
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    Those packs do nothing but confuse the consumers.

    I'm glad I got in on the $10 unlimited which lets me have access to the pics.

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