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    Edit: Price reduced because of Handspring's shipping delay. Basically, I think I'm going to miss my Sprint return window, so at this point, I'm willing to sell it for less money. My other option is to refuse shipment and let it go back to Handspring (with my T300 owner's discount gone with it). Handspring currently says it'll go out either tonight or in the morning, so I will probably receive it Monday or Tuesday.

    Sprint CDMA model in a sealed box, ready for you to activate with Sprint service. Call Sprint on your old phone, go through some simple steps, and you can be using your new Treo 600 within five minutes. Battery must be charged before use.

    I bought a Sprint phone the first day they were available for $599, then bought a Handspring phone two days later using the discount for Treo 300 owners. What I am selling is the second phone, the one directly from Handspring. It has not arrived at my house yet but is due in a couple of days, and I would then immediately send it back out to you. If you order from Sprint or Handspring, you may be told that the phone is back-ordered. It will also cost $50 more unless you are a previous Treo owner. So this is a chance to most likely get the phone a little sooner, and save $50 in the process.

    When I receive the phone, I will not even open it, so the battery will be uncharged and all components will be in their pristine condition when you receive it. You'll need to charge the phone for two to two and a half hours before use.

    I expect delivery around Friday, which would mean that you should have it early next week, depending what type of shipping you want to pay for. I can't guarantee when I'll receive the phone but Friday seems to be the best guess.

    Payment - funds must be verified into my paypal account before I will ship the phone, so please pay from your checking account or debit card rather than a credit card. If you'd rather mail the funds to me, please send a cashier's check. If you send a personal check, I'll wait for it to clear before I ship the item.

    I will provide my real name, phone number and address in case you have questions. My ebay username is "wombat888", if you want to check my feedback there.

    Also for sale, in case you or anyone you know could use an old battlehorse of a SPCS phone, is a Star-TAC dual band with base charger, two spare batteries, two wall chargers and one car charger. $80 obo.
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