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    I feel your pain. Same story. Mine was a phone order using my platinum VISA. Not sure what happened.
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    I got the same thing. How can it go from Credit Card Approved to Failed Order. There isn't even an item in the legend for "Failed Order"!

    Arg. What crap. Openly giving them $400 and they can't even process the order.
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    Same here. Cancelled because there was a problem with the credit card. I've had this card for 8 years - never had a single problem with the number. If the number was bad, how can they even accept the order???!!! I think we should be reimbursed for this bull---t.
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    I posted this on another thread...

    Orders aren't really cancelled...more to follow:

    Just talked to Chad, x20008 at HS CS. His first 10 out of 11 calls this morning were about this failed order status.

    He checked mine and ALL IS GOOD (famous last words, but I believe him and his lips were moving). The warehouse used a wrong code (affecting many 10/09 and 10/10 orders) and it kicks back with a failed order. He said my order is fine and should ship very soon. They are correcting all of these "failed order" status codes and you should expect to see it correct later today or Wed a.m. If you see Authorization Failed, that's bad...must call in. Otherwise, try to be patient...they are swamped.

    I hope this helps!
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    I just called Handspring because my order had the same status. I was told the order status was incorrect. The rep told me it was a reporting error in their system, mostly for orders placed on the 9th. There was never any problem with our orders, though the glitch did cause some worry on my part. All is good now, and the orders should ship soon.
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    I was told the same thing. I will relax when the thing shows up. SHe did say that it shoud ship today and that the website will change later today. You would think that they would want to update the info so they didn't have all of us calling. I was on hold for 35 mins. Last week I was only on hold for 6 mins. Hopefully this is the last glitch before all of us who ordered on thursday get our treo 600.
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    Okay, this is the story I got from HS CS: failed order is an internal order level, which is between credit card approved and awaiting shipment. She said that order level is not supposed to be posted on the web site, but it is an internal step in the process toward shipment. okaaaaaaaay. She said not to worry; worry if the status was failed authorization, not failed order. Status should change sometime today. Her words, not mine.
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    Now my order status has changed . Most of the info has changed back to CC approved but the box that pulls out the items ordered still states failed order. I really hope that this doesn't delay shipping any more.
    Below is what mine now states:
    front page 10/09/2003 Credit Card Approved
    click through to second:
    Order Date:
    10/09/2003 08:37:48 AM Order Status:
    Credit Card Approved

    Product Description Unit Cost Qty Subtotal Tax Total Status
    Treo Stereo Headphone Adapter $5.99 1 $5.99 $0.30 $6.29 Failed Order

    Treo 600 with USB cable - Sprint $399.00 1 $399.00 $19.95 $418.95 Failed Order
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    I'm back to "credit card approved" across the board. And back to the dance........
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    Looking back to "normal". Gone from Failed order to Credit Card Approved. Ordered via phone 10/09 5pm
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    Progress! awaiting shipment!
    I'm checking their website like every 10 minutes. I'm crazy!!!!!!!!
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    Originally posted by Bomeyer
    Looking back to "normal". Gone from Failed order to Credit Card Approved. Ordered via phone 10/09 5pm
    Still I'm at:

    Order Status:
    Awaiting Shipment

    Will it ship today?! We're on a roll.
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    I just talked to a CS at HS. I was first told that awaiting shiping should mean that it goes out last ship today or first tomorrow. I explained that I am trying to plan a meeting for wed or thursday (and I work from home). I wanted to know which day it will ship since I need to be here to sign. He said that it probally won't go out today and more likely tomorrow for arrival on thursday.

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