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    I'm confused...

    I am currently a SprintPCS customer. I would like to buy a Treo600, add the Treo600 to my existing account, accept a new phone number for the Treo, then give my old phone (and old phone number) to my wife. Is this considered a "New Account", or am I just adding a phone to my existing account?

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    I guess another option is to start over from scratch with a new account and phone number, then add a second phone for my wife...I'm thinking out loud here...
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    From what I've seen, it's somewhere in between. It used to be considered a new line and you could get the max rebate, but these days add-a-lines are different. They are supposed on a contract and in my case I was offered $100 to extend my contract. Truth be told, it really depends on the rep you get. Some are nice and will work with you and you'll be happy. Most are pissy and will tell you all sorts of things. Keep calling back until you get the answer you want. I don't recommend starting from scratch unless you're going under a different name like your wife's. They are wise to that and require an account to be inactive for at least 30 days I believe in order to get new customer benefits again.
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    My impression was that a new line was a "new account" if it came with its own contract. If the line is added to an existing shared minutes plan, then it was not a "new account" because it doesn't have its own contract.
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    What you say makes sense, scrinch. Sprint is defining /restricting Add-A-Phone for us, so I don't think I would be able to do as I suggest. Essentially, I would be adding my own phone to the Treo account, which from Sprint's perspective, defeats the purpose of enticing me to buy another phone.
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    I did just what you are suggesting last year when I bought my Treo 300. I signed a separate 1-yr contract for the new phone and got the full discount, and gave my old phone and phone number to my wife. The two lines had separate 1-yr contracts. With a shared minutes plan, I believe there is only one contract (that's what a CSR told me last week), and the new phone would not have been eligible for the full discount. What Sprint gives incentives for is phone lines under long term contract. As long as the line is under contract, they should give the discount.

    In any event, it looks like the distinction between these new cases may disappear this Wednesday 10/15 when Sprint unveils its new "Existing Customer Incentive" program.
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    Yeah, I'm waiting to see what Sprint has in mind this week. My wife's Nokia cell phone is having some battery problems, so I'm anxious to do something soon.

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