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    I know there have been several threads in regards to the extended warranty thru CC - but nothing recent.

    So, with the debut of the 600, I am now very interested in getting one. However, I have the extended warranty thru CC. Anyone have any recent experiences in regards to trading any PCS phone back to CC? (i also purchased the the plan for my wife's samsung a500)
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    My Treo was broken a couple months ago and Circuit City wouldn't take it back at the store even though I had the extended warranty, because they don't carry it anymore. They had me contact their ESP (extended service plan) phone number (I still have that if you need it).

    Their ESP said they'll send me a replacement Treo in the mail and I'll have to mail back my broken treo.

    Fast forward to a month later, ESP still didn't send me the replacement treo, so after three visits to the retail store and a lot of complaining about not having a phone finally a night manager agreed to take back my treo and give me store credit for it!
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    sad isn't it, companies are always complaining about how disabgreable customers have become! But, unfortunately the only wan many firms seem to operate these days is to kick them where it hurts a numbe rof times and then say to them, now that I have got your attention. I was self employeed to 25 years, the day I would have treaded my customers the way firms do today would have been my last day as a biz owner! so sorry u had a prob but you had to be forcefull. As far as I am concerned they should have given you a $50 gift cert. for treating you like a piece of %^$#@ ! take care, jay
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    i am definitely not looking forward to dealing with my whole extended warranty situation - esp given the fact that i'm going to have to deal with this for 2 phones....

    Does anyone know when and if Best Buy is going to carry the 600? I would love to buy it thru BB for their similar plan....

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