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    Hi everyone. New member here. I have been lurking but just registered after having an awesome experience buying a new Treo 600 from Marcus, Gordon and the Store.

    After deciding that this was the device I had always wanted, I went out in search of it, only to find that no Sprint Store in my area had one yet. I ordered one through the Handspring website buck got discouraged after receiving the confirmation email that stated it was backordered, so I canceled that order. Then I got on TreoCentral and saw there was a store here, so I decided to check it out. Well, 10 minutes later my order was placed, and I got a confirmation email immediately. This was yesterday, Friday. Now I really wanted this thing BAD, so I sent an email to Marcus asking about Saturday delivery, and between him and Gordon, who I guess is in their shipping department, I sit here now watching my BEAUTIFUL, NEW TREO 600 charge up (as Tom Petty once said the waiting is the hardest part).

    Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself to y'all, say hello, and give a great BIG two thumbs up to Store for hooking me up with style and efficiency.
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    I just wish I had thought about asking for Saturday delivery yesterday morning when I also cancelled my order from Handspring and placed a new order with TreoCentral! Good move on your part.

    I'll just have to be patient ... at least I now have a tracking number Marcus sent at my request. Now I can spend all my time refreshing the UPS Tracking page .

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    Yeah, I'm glad I thought of it too, and even more glad that they made it happen for me, because I realized this morning that if I had left it for Monday delivery, I would not have seen it until Tuesday because Monday is Columbus Day!
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    Actually ... neither FedEx or UPS treat Columbus Day as a holiday ...

    Treo 600s will be enroute!

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    Marcus and Micheal Ducker ARE Amazing!!!

    There is a great difference between knowing and understanding. You can know a lot about something without understanding it. —Charles Kettering
    Treo 600: Love at First Sight by Jake Ehrlich

    Thoughts on the Future of Handheld Computing: A 5 Part Series by Jake Ehrlich
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    Both the store AND site are amazing. Marcus was a great help for a new T600 buyer.

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