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    Dear TreoCentral Store Customer,

    Here is an update on what is happening at the Store and with your order! We are still streamlining our back-end operations, so please be patient.

    Treo 600 Orders - New Activations

    Don't call Sprint to setup your account! We will shortly email out the activation codes and configuration instructions for your Treo. Once you enter this information, your account will be active. If we have problems setting up your account, (credit dept. problem) we will contact you by email tonight.

    If you did call Sprint and manually established your account, please e-mail us so that we don't create duplicate accounts. Also, if you set the account up with Sprint directly they may not offer you the $100/$150 service credit.

    Treo 600 Orders - Add-a-Phone

    Call Sprint at 888-211-4727 to add your the phone to your account.

    Treo 600 Orders - Replace Existing Phone

    Call Sprint at 888-211-4727 and request a ESN-swap. They will change your account over from your old phone to your new Treo 600.

    Treo 600 Cancellations/Returns

    If you decide to cancel your Treo 600 order, please email us directly. As long as the unit has not shipped, there will be no charge. If the unit has shipped, you need to DECLINE the delivery of the UPS shipment. Once we receive the product back from UPS, we will credit your account for the purchase price (minus shipping).

    If you do receive the package, email with your order number and we will initiate the RMA process.


    All Accessories orders will start shipping today. We are sorry for the delay. If you would like to cancel your accessories order due to this delay, please e-mail us ASAP.

    The TreoCentral Store Staff
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    I'm sure we all certainly appreciate the update (and the great price) ... but the update email fails to provide one vital piece of info:

    How are fulfillment of orders (i.e. shipping) proceeding? In other words, something like:

    :shortcut: If your order was placed between X & Y it has been shipped
    :shortcut: If your order was placed today before Z it will be shipped today
    :shortcut: etc.

    Can someone from TreoCentral provide some additional information? You do realize that life is essentially on hold until the Treo 600 arrives?!?!

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    I got mine the next day as promised with am NBD Shipping. I did set up today with SPCS so I am all set.
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    Markus, any update for new activations?

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