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    I called Handspring at 3:30PM on Wednesday afternoon (PST) to find out if I could order a Treo 600 using 2 different credit cards. I was informed that this wasn't possible, so I asked the sales rep to call me back in 1 hour and I would have all the funds available on my bankcard. He called back an hour later and took my order for $413.50 which would include overnight shipping. He told me I would recieve it Friday or Monday. I also had him ship it to another address so that someone would be available to sign for it. I never got an order conformation number or anything of the sort, nor did I get an e-mail. So I called back today at 8AM (PST) to verify my order. Sure enough after 45min on hold they never got my order. So I was asked to place my order again, which I did. When she was giving me the total she goes "it'll be $447.63". I said that I didn't understand why it was so expensive. She informed me that there was tax in CA because the Handspring corp. office is here. I asked her why the last person didn't charge me tax she told me she had no idea and that she couldn't find out who took my order because there was no record. So I got them to upgrade me to express shipping for free, but now instead of getting it tomorrow or Monday I have to wait up to a week "or so". They can't speed up my shipping at all.
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    It sounds to me Handspring did most everything right. They should have given you a order confirmation number, and if they didn't you should have asked for it. As to the tax thing, that's fair and just. I'd consider yourself lucky to get free express shipping when they do have them available.

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