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    As if things couldn't get any worse.

    -After spending 1 hour on hold on Monday, I finally got through.
    -They forced me into a 2 year contract extension to get the $150
    -I track the thing all through Tuesday and this morning

    I finally receive the package at my desk at 12:15 pm EST.

    My hands are shaking a bit as I've been waiting for this for months....

    My heart is pounding...

    I open the box and find...

    A TREO 300!!!

    Of course, I call customer service and wait on hold again. I finally get to Yolanda (who has been mentioned on this sight as one of the good CSR's). I finally get to someone in sales and she proceeds to ask me if I wish to return the 300 and buy a 600!

    I told her that given the error that Sprint made, she should call shipping and get one sent today via next-day-air. I even offered my own UPS or Fedex number. Of course, she refused and gave me the standard 3-5 day routine.

    Being as stuck as I am, I had to comply.

    These people are absolute morons. They have no clue how to launch a product. They turn what should be a triumph into a miserable experience for loyal customers.
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    New or refurbished?
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    It was a new one. I feel like putting it in the microwave and sending it back...
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    To be fair they haven't launched it yet. Officially it is still "Coming soon". Most people are getting them though work arounds.
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    So Painful. I feel for you!!! The bright side is that you will get to feel the excited anticipation once again.
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    Well - There is a happy ending -

    One of the nice members of this board e-mailed me that he had a unit reserved @ a Sprint store in Philadelphia and since he had already ordered from Telesales, I could go to the store and pick it up for myself.

    I did that this afternoon and now I am the proud father of a new Treo 600.

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