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    I got connected with a CSR at sprint that actually knew what a Treo 600 was this morning. Puts me on hold, comes back, puts me on hold again, comes back. She says "yeah, we have the phone, we can sell it to you." So I give all of my information to her and ask her if there is a confirmation number. She says NO. So I ask her if she can call me back when she does have the number if it's not too much trouble. Well wouldn't you know it she never calls me back. (I know, I'm as shocked as you)

    I call back this evening and they have no record of me calling. No order number...nothing. I decide I will call back after dinner. I call back and again, no record, no number, yada yada yada! The CSR says, "We are showing a low volume on that phone". So I ask him, "What the hell does that mean?". He says, "I will call the 'warehouse' and find out if we can still sell the phone." I say, "Rock on man. Do what you gotta do." 5 minutes, 10 minutes...nothing but hold music.

    I'm freed from the grips of "hypnotic hold music hell" by three loud beeps. More (different) hold music at first, the A lady answers the phone and asks me the name on my account and the password for my account. I tell her and she says, "How will you be paying your bill?" I say, "Bill? I wanted to buy a phone and I got forwarded to you. My bill is automatically payed each month. Why would I want to pay it now?" She says, "I will have to transfer you back to customer service."

    5 minutes...10 minutes....I didn't even get hold music this time, just silence and the occasional "pop". So I hang up. I've gotten better service at the DMV. I don't know what to think now.


    OK...OK...I just called back (1-888-253-1315) and talked to Seth. He was like a total 180 from these other CSRs. He was very helpful. My order went into the system about 35-40 minutes ago. (Oops!). So hopefully I'll get it by the end of the week and if not, I'm sure I'll live.
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    Just because you're paranoid it doesn't mean they're not out to get you.
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    I understand your frustration. I went through the exact same thing yesterday and then this morning. Perseverance pays off. I'm expecting my phone tomorrow afternoon. I've finally got a tracking number.

    It seems as if they have some fabulous customer service people working for them and a few that just don't understand how to talk to people.

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    When I called back to get my order number, I was told that the 600 is not in their system that they were taking all 600 orders on paper then having them entered into the ordering system manually in the evening. I was told that although I don't have an order number at the moment, I would have one by tomorrow morning.
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    That's funny, I went through the same thing. I called this morning and placed my order. They had no order # to give me, and said they would call me with it. They never called so I called back later, and presto, no order. So, I placed the whole thing again, maybe it will go through this time.
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    I went through the same thing today. Seth saved me too. We should start a support group over this. I think I may be scared emotionally...

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    Originally posted by Crashless
    I went through the same thing today. Seth saved me too. We should start a support group over this. I think I may be scared emotionally...

    For sure. I feel like I have been mentally hazed over the course of the last two days. I'm suing for damages!!!!
    Just because you're paranoid it doesn't mean they're not out to get you.
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    Too funny Here's my story (and I'm sticking to it):

    Called CSR...spoke to Beth...she found the Treo600 would be happy to give me a $100 service credit on each line (I have 2) since I wanted to replace both handsets with T600s + extend contract 1 yr. Great! Let's get it done!

    "Oh...hmmm...for some reason I can't seem to get these ordered through the system. But, we have them in the warehouse... Please hold." <waiting for like 5 minutes> "Ok, my tech guys say I should be able to order this but I can't. I'll have to have my supervisor help me with this but they are gone for the day. I'll call you back tomorrow at (my number) and let you know what is up."

    Next day...nothing. No call. Waited until 20 minutes after she said she'd call...heck...she even said she put it in her calendar (I did hear typing...). So, I call them again.

    First person: "No Treo 600...not for sale yet." Whatever. I'll call back and hopefully get someone who knows.

    Call the sales number, get Bob: "Oh yeah, I have those for sale. What's that? You are suppose to get $100 service credit on each line? Oh, well...I'm not saying I don't believe you...but I can't do that here." Screw this, I'll call customer service back and let them know telesales has them (Bob did say different numbers, different inventories though).

    CSR again. Reached "Janey." Somewhat rude and sounded annoyed, but she did place the order for 2 Treo 600 (through her machine), was sending Beth a message to credit my account the $200, and even gave me an order number. Will call this morning to get a tracking number...and to make sure I have 2 600's on the way. She never did give me the price...another concern of mine ;->

    Morale of story: keep trying until you get someone who appears to know what is going on.

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    Called yesterday, spoke to a helpful rep who seemed to know what he was doing. He claimed that all the T600 orders were going in via "paper orders" and that I would get an email with a confirmation when the order was processed.

    Today, have not received any confirmation. Called two diiferent people at the order tracking number, and neither could find anything in my account that showed an order. Both suggested placing the order again, although one admitted that the first just may not have been processed manually yet. I don't really want to get charged twice, so I am going to wait it out a little longer and see if it shows up in my account before I purchase another. Arrghh... the suspense is killing me!
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    I know this was said in another thread (and it's impossible to read them all) so I'll say it here: Don't let them take a paper order. Sorry Pxt, I know this is too late for you. I know it sucks waiting on hold but there are a few reps in a hole somewhere that know what they are doing. Call back. I called 888-235-1215.

    Anyways, yesterday, I finally got a hold of one of these good CSRs and I called today and confirmed that I have one on the way. Be persistant but nice, if you're rude to the rep, they won't go out of their way to help you. The guy I talked to even went and made sure I didn't have a paper order in their files so I don't get two charges.

    The moral of all this? Soft launches suck for early adopters.

    Those who want service rebates, get your phone from telesales, charge them up, then take them into a store to have them activated. (Be sure to get the activation instructions from this board, one guy is waiting on a second unit after a dumb rep activated it with the wrong code and killed it.) Talk to the manager of the store, and they realize that it is great for their bottom line to sign up two vision accounts for 1 year contracts (Please dont' sign a two year, that's just not worth the extra $50).

    Good luck, you'll need it.
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    I placed it order number nor confirmation email nor phone call ever arrived as promised.

    Called back one last I did what any sane person would do..CANCELLED MY NON-EXISTENT ORDER. Had the CSR place notes in my account that I AM CANCELLING THE T600 order (even though they have no record of it).


    I told her no way...I was upset and considering caneclling my service. She then wanted to know if she could send me a phone up to $100 value for nothing...I STILL SAID NO..I'm too upset. I would call back when I was calmer.

    This number portability thing is making 'em nervous.

    I SMELL $'s coming very soon.

    Anyway, I ordered T600 on Handspring just now and got $399 price, next day air delivery, no BS on my sprint contract...We'll see what happens on the contract after november (when the number portability thing happens).

    I think I will love the T600. I just don't know if I'll ever be happy w/ SPRINT - many many many problems.


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