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    I called yesterday and after 2 hours of being transfered to here and there and WAYYYYY OVER THERE.. I finally found someone that placed a order for me.

    I call this monrning. "we don't see a order for you".. But we don't see what telesales does, this is customer service.

    Transfer to telesales "we don't see a order for you"... But that probably becuase you ordered from business telesales and we don't see thier notes.

    Transfer to business telesales "we don't have an order for you, but I can make on for you".

    I'm not about to place another one and get charged a total of $1,300, if the first order actually goes through.

    I can't even imagine what it would be like trying to get money BACK from sprint, if it's this hard to GIVE them it in the first place.

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    I used to have sprint Tue, Oct 7, 2003 on my land line. I was missbilled and went ahead and payed for the calls. Found out I was moving the next week. Cancelled service took the 90 days to send me a check ev en though I payed with ccard.

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