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    2 hours
    Treo 300, Treo 600 - Sprint

    I dream in code and TCP/IP sequence numbers.
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    It was fully charged before I even tried to activate it. Just got back to the Sprint store, they had no luck with it either. They said either the radio was bad, or the inept (my words, not theirs) CR that tried to give me the activation code somehow screwed it up.

    They had be put in the ## then my phone number which obviously isn't correct according to the tech at the Sprint store. Just called Sprint and they are sending a replacement ASAP.

    Talk about the mother of all disappointments...

    Oh well, at least I can play the Palm functions.
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    if your phone comes activated as a result of a new number I've been told to 1. turn it on,. 2. press * key 3. enter last 4 ss #'s 4. press #. that's it. can anyone verify this?

    can't activate? bring it into sprint and seek out the best techie there.
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