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    (This was originally posted on another board in August. I am reposting it here in the hopes that someone at TreoCentral will notice it.)

    I bought TCRinger and four ringtones through TreoCentral way back in June. I installed it as instructed, but my new ringtones are not showing up in the radio--only the system ringtones.

    I sent multiple emails to MarkSpace asking for support. When they finally wrote back two months later, they said that they don't support TCRinger and that I should talk to TreoCentral. So I sent mail there and have heard no response either.

    On edit: Apparently, my ringtones that were supposed to come as an attachment to email were delivered instead as a string of gibberish code in the mail--which is why they never got synched over to the Treo. Someone from TreoCentral in the previous thread offered to rebuild the file and send it to me if I sent my order number--which I did, several times. I have not received my ringtones.

    This issue has been going on since June, for crying out loud.

    I just want my freaking ring tones!

    TreoCentral Customer Service, where the hell are you?
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    We are very sorry for the customer service problems you have encountered with TreoCentral recently.

    I have sent the ringtones, and offered a full refund of the purchase price.

    Starting next week a new full time Customer Service Specialst, Casey, will join our team. Hopefully this will eliminate situations such as this one.
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    Thank you thank you thank you!
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    Marcus, good for you guys. You all are really growing! First device sales, and now full time CSRs. Congrats.

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