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    Originally posted by gtbjr
    R, I'd still like the wifi. Thanks, T
    I got your emails and have replied. Let me know if you can get with me on chat... Hopefully both of us will have some free time this weekend.
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    I sent you an email yesterday through the VisorCentral Discussion "email" button. I haven't heard from you so I guess it didn't work. I just sent you a PM. Basically I had questions about the Memplug SD/MMC.

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    Thom - you have a Private message
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    Thx. I got it. I made u an offer on the two items I inquired about here on the list. I look forward to hearing from you.

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    G, I sent you a private message over the weekend. Got your message about the camera.I'm still interested in the other item. Hope you had a good weekend. Looking forward to hearing from you.
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    sent you another PM :-)
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    Since there hasn't been activity on this for a while, I'll restate my offer for the Innogear Speedloader: $12 plus $3 shipping.

    The Minijam is still a popular item on ebay; you can probably get around $50+shipping for it by itself:
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    Gambit, waiting for word from you that you have shipped per your PM Friday a week ago.

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    Thom - the package shipped and you should have received the tracking info in your email. Many appologies for the delay and thanks for your patience.

    tnardoni - appreciate your interest, however, as I mentioned earlier the SpeedLoader 2 sold for $30 when it was available and now you can't find it anywhere, therefore it's worth even more. Besides I will not sell it separate of the MiniJam because I don't want the buyer of my MiniJam to suffer through having to wait for an hour to load 128mb MMC (which I'm selling it with). It only takes about 6 minutes to do it with the speedloader.
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    Just wanted to let ppl know I got my package from Gambit.

    Love the Memplug SD/MMC - the HandCam is a basically a POS ... Targus released an alpha software/hardware product and then yanked support (at least what I can gather from the past VC discussions.)

    But Targus being a bunch of A-holes has nothing to do with Gambit really. The UPS box was abused by UPS ... but, luckly it was packaged well. Thanks G. It was a pleasure buying from you.


    ps. I don't seem to have any software for the Handcam. Can't find sh!t on the web. Anyone have the software for the handcam?

    [UPDATE:]Ok. Gambit actually included the Handcam software. I had let it slide into the shipping box and just recently found it. For the record, on my Windows XP laptop, the images are syncing and I can use the webcam on the PC. The Handcam module crashes my Visor Pro (even with hacks turned off) but using the stylus to hit the reset button "reboots" the Visor and all is fine for a little while. For the price, I feel like the Handcam was a deal. Fun little toy for my Visor. And the Memplug SD will extend my usage of my Visor. Gambit, thanks for offering your Springboards for sale.

    pps. For the record, in Google, if you type: handcam

    you can find some tech support documentation from Targus. But no software.
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    Hi Gambit,
    You still have the Innogear Speedloader for sale? I'm offering $35 plus postage.
    If it would make a difference. I'm also interested (although not necessarily "sold") in the Nexian Handy GPS receiver. How 'bout $70 for the Speedloader and the GPS?
    If you're adamant about not separating the Speedloader from the MiniJam (which I already have), let me know...
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    Hey, I'm working on a custom springboard doodad and would like to cannabilize one of your springboards if I can get access to the guts. Are any of the ones you have left openable or are they all sealed shut? I want to fool around with a custom hardware interface so I want the springboard connector to play with.

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    The Omni-Remote Springboard is pretty much open (it's a design flaw IMO) it stays shut if it is in the slot but due to it's oversized IR LED it doesn't close completely.
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    Are you adamant in selling SpeedLoader w/MiniJam+128mb MMC as a package? I have a MiniJam already and while I appreciate your sentiment, I don't need two. I'm offering $45 for the SpeedLoader by itself, or $85 for the SpeedLoader and the GPS (I'm curious), or $95 for the SpeedLoader/MiniJam+128mb MMC. There are already many 128mb MP3 players for less than a c-note and prices keep dropping. Can we strike a bargain?

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    I am interested in the speedloader that you mention in your previous posts. However, I already have the minijam. Would you accept $25 plus shipping for the speedloader alone? Please let me know. Thanks!
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    I'm assuming you are selling the MiniJam and the Speedloader together - that is if you haven't sold them yet - but I own the MiniJam already and am interested in the Speedloader. The most important questions I need answered and haven't found an answer yet is, Did the Speedloader software ever get ported to Mac and which platform is your Speedloader for?

    If this is the Mac version and you haven't sold it yet, please contact me. Are you willing to sell it separately from the MiniJam? Give me an idea of what you would like for it.

    Your help is appreciated.

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    The reason I am selling the Speedloader together with the Minijam is because of the two 128Mb MMC cards. Whoever buys the Minijam from me would spend hours loading music on these cards if they did not use the Speedloader. With it it only takes me about 6 min. per MMC. I would be doing a great disservice to whoever buys the Minijam with this much memory and no means of loading it fast.

    -this was posted using my new Zodiac over Bluetooth to my SonyEricsson T616 phone
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    would you accept $35 for the minijam and speedloader combined, plus shipping? Let me know. Thank you.
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    I am interested in the modem and whatever cellphone modules you have. I already have a handcam and desperately need the interface software to link it to my PC. THe CD that came with it was garbage and Targus sucks *** at support, they won't get back to me at all on it. If you could email me the software, I'd appreciate it.
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