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    Got the Treo 600 for GSM/GRPS Networks up on our site. The estimated date for shipping is 10/10. These are unlocked and do not ship with a SIM from a carrier. You need obtain a SIM from your carrier of choice.

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    What color is't going to be?????
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    I have no idea. We just ordered them from Ingram Micro.

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    Does your company sell in Canada?
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    US$599 unlocked GSM version not quite the US$499 unlocked we were hoping for but I guess we can wait for the Handspring discount offer.

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    Will you let us know here when you take delivery?
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    Hey Larry,

    I just ordered one - how many did you order? How reliable is Ingram on shipping to you? Will you let us know when they arrive!!!
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    It's not how reliable Ingram is with the dates. It's how accurate the date they get from Handspring are. We'll begin shipping them out the day we get them.

    Any discounts from Handspring will be tied to activations by carriers.

    I have to see if we can ship Handspring products outside of the US. We only accept Wire Transfers for non-US orders. No checks or credit cards.

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    hey all,
    long time lurker, first time poster.

    i'm facing kind of a dilemma here- which is that i would like to pre-order one of these from larry at dreampages, because there is perhaps a 20 percent chance based on Ingram's inventory information that larry might actually receive one before i can lay hands on one.

    the problem is that larry wants me to photo-copy my DRIVERS LICENSE, and then photo-copy my credit card, and then sign this and fax it to him...

    i'm not sure how you guys feel about this, but because i've worked with computers all my life, and having kind of a security background- this strikes me as slightly insane, and identity theft waiting to happen.

    now larry seems like a nice guy, and he's been very responsive, but he explained to me that this fax would be kept in a locked file cabinet- which is not really confidence inspiring, considering 90% of identity theft and credit card fraud occur in situations where employees have access to things like that.

    my other issue is that larry must assume even if i was insane enough to photo copy this sensitive financial information and actually fax it to him, where it might lay around on the fax machine for people to peruse, that i have a flat bed scanner/copier, which unfortunately my little hp is i'm not able to actually copy this information without a trip to kinko's or somewhere- all of this after i filled out his SSL encrypted order form on his site!

    this seems to defeat the whole purpose of buying something online!

    i'll be attending the mission impossible event in san francisco this week, i know my local t-mobile rep, and i generally have no issue paying a pretty healthy premium on ebay for something, (as i did for my sony ericsson p800 almost a year ago) rather than waiting, so i'm not too worried about being able to get one.

    now larry explained how he faces fraud and fake credit card charges all the time, and i can sympathize with his plight- and i would take the risk perhaps if larry knew these things were coming in spot on the 10th, and so on, but this is what i would consider extremely high risk, for possibly no return- what if i get a treo somewhere else? what happens to that fax with my life on it? does it sit in that locked cabinet for a year? is it destroyed?

    some of the main vendors i regularly purchase from online don't require these kinds of things, (outpost, amazon, buy, so i wonder if they just deal with the hassle, or if smaller distributors like larry are preyed on more because of the channels they sell through.

    anyways, interested in your thoughts- or even if any of you have been victims of identity theft before, or how you feel about smaller merchants demanding the extra hassle to protect themselves...

    again, this post is not meant to be derogatory to larry or his numerous commerce sites, (dreampages) who appear to btw have good ratings in yahoo stores, better business online certs, and who has been responsive to my emails.

    andre salazar
    san francisco, ca
    well i just exchanged another email with larry, and it looks like i can pay him via paypal, because i'm a registered member, so hopefully it will all work out-

    i'm still interested in your opinions on this issue though- and my thanks to larry and dreampages.
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    My practice has been to never give anythign that can be used to harm me to anyone I don't know well. Read up on this guy and his site. Is it established? Are there happy customers out there? With it's pretty clear, but at my website, if I were to start selling things, it wouldn't be. Don't send your personal information to me, and don't send it to anyone else without such a record.
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    Drivers Liscence is required for credit checks to get a phone.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Why would you need a credit check for an unlocked phone that has no contract?

    I also mean no harm to anyone on this post and please don't me any of your personal information.
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