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    Hey everyon.

    Well, I have finally done it... I bought way too many headsets for my two sets of ears.

    Anyway, I have two NEW never-been-opened headsets, that are Treo 300/270 compatible.

    Qty 1 - Jabra EarBoom Winder for the Nokia 3000/8000
    Asking: $10.00 plus $5.00 USPS Priority shipping with confirmation of receipt.

    Qty1 - Body Glove Earglove Pro for the Nokia 3000/8000
    Asking: $15.00 plus $5.00 USPS Priority shipping with confirmation of receipt.

    You can pay with PayPal or Money Order.
    Let me know if anyone is interested.

    Dave L
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    If you are selling these two products, what product are you keeping? Why are you keeping that product over the other two? I've been shopping for two days for a comfortable hands free solution for my Treo 300 because I spend hours on it everyday and the earbud that came with it isn't comfortable nor feels secured.
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    Dear cuu1,

    You have asked some very valid questions. Let me try and explain.

    I am a big headset fan. And like you, a good working headset is a must. I log many hours a day on my Treo 300 for business, while driving and use it also as my "only" phone, although I do have a POTS line for backup.

    I bought the: Jabra Earboom Winder, Body Glove Earbud Pro, and Plantronics M103 within a week of each other.

    I am a big Plantronics fan and tried the MX-103 first. And it is a very clear and loud headset. I am not a big fan of earbud style headsets, I generally use a boom mike, but everyone can here me just fine on the MX-103. And, on the loudest volume setting on the phone is actually too loud at times. So for me I am sticking with the MX-103.

    The Jabra Earboom headset have also gotten goods reviews here on the board and people also seem to like to Body Glove Earbud Pro too. I just didn't want to try the other two in hopes to get back some money from my purchases.

    If you like earbud style headsets, the MX-103 is pretty secure for an earbud style and you may like it. Just make sure that you get the 4-post version MX-103-N1... they make a standard 2.5mm plug 3 post, a 2.5mm 4 post and Nokia "proprietary" clip type.

    You can find a good price for the MX-103-N1 at: $20.99 plus shipping,
    Office Depot... $24.99 plus tax, $39.95 plus shipping <MSRP>

    I hope that you find a good headset that works for you.

    Dave Lindberg
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    ... Bump ...

    The two headsets are still for sale.
    Dave Lindberg

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