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    Currently, I have the following:

    3 Visor Edge serial cradles. NIB$5 each
    3 packs of 3 Belkin Visor stylus. NIB $3 each
    3 packs of Belkin screen protectors. NIB $2 each
    Several 16MB CF cards. $??each
    Omnisky Minstrel S. To sell or trade NIB

    Wanted to buy or trade:
    My modem need has been filled - thanks
    32MB SmartMedia cards
    Various Springboard modules - try me

    Shipping is not included, however you will only be paying for shipping. My money is made on the product, not shipping. Ship will be however you want since you are paying for it. I'd rather sell here and not on eBay. If I find other things, they will be posted here. Check back for updates.


    CF cards: I have 6, loose. All work.

    Minstrel S: I have two of these (deal in previous post did not go through). I am going to keep them unless someone can make a good offer who is going to use it.


    SmartMedia: This is for my MP3 player. It has to be SM, and has t be 32MB.

    Springboard: I'm a collector. If something sounds pretty good, I might be interested.
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    Anything listed can be set up as a trade, or partial trade.

    I am also looking for a Wireless Ethernet module, CF card cases, a 4-port USB hub, and a lot of computer hardware (current).

    I'll trade an extra Minstrel for anything. Make an offer.
    I got a lot of Visor stuff
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    I have a couple of Springboard modules for sale:
    1. CardAccess wristband Thinmodem 56k upgradable
    springboard module - New - $30.
    2. MemPlug Compact Flash Adaptor - New - $35.
    Please let me know if you are interested.

    Thank you.
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    I picked up a FlashPlus module, I was more looking for actual CF cases, but thanks for asking.

    As far as the ThinModem, I'm looking at one on eBay right now, but I'll let you know. Still trying to find the elusive wireless ethernet module, but to no avail (beginning to realize a phone line isn't going to do me much good)
    I got a lot of Visor stuff
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    OK, just found out how much the ethernet module sucked, so I'm not looking for that anymore.
    I got a lot of Visor stuff
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    Don't know what you mean by sucked...but after a couple days of playing, and then actually following the documentation, my Wireless Ethernet module is working wonderfully.

    I have better range with it than my T|C, and has been completely stable the entire time. Plus with its own battery, my Edge is usable for hours with it.

    No problems here.
    Re vera, potas bene.
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    The multiple reviews I read described it as slow, and not compatible with Linksys. Thus, I have no use for it.

    BTW, I've updated my wish list.
    I got a lot of Visor stuff
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    Well that's understandable...I'm using mine with my D-Link access point, and its working great...good luck with whatever you decide.
    Re vera, potas bene.
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    I am selling my visor deluxe because the address book button is not working anymore and I just bought a T2. everything else is working just fine on the visor. it comes with the minijam MP3 module, eyemodule 2 camera, USB hotsync cradle which lights up due to some internal LED's which I installed myself, full charge internal NiMH battery and 12v car charger system that lets you use a rechargeable battery in the visor and charge it without removing it from the visor, plastic face plate cover, leather case, 8 meg flash flash module, backup module, gameboy cartridge holders which can hold springboard modules to protect them, 2 extra stylus, and 2 pencap stylus. I am asking $250 for the whole package. go ahead and make a reasonable offer on the whole package or just one of the items if you like.

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