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    Anyone have a spare stylus they can send me... I'd be willing to buy it from you... just would like to avoid the inflated cost of shipping on ebay. I also don't want to buy 3 since I hope to be getting rid of it soon. Thanks!
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    Are you looking for a treo stylus or a visor stylus?

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    or do you just need something stylish?
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    I'm sorry....I could use a Treo stylus.

    Whats stylish is that 600 that I'll be getting soon.......I hope. A whole lot of the guys on my board are oh so excited about this piece of crap called the Samsung I500...... rookies!
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    I am also in need of a Treo 180 Stylus if anyone has an extra they would like to sell me....

    Please email if you have one


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