Hi guys,
since my old Treo 180g died 3 months ago ( take a look at the "cadaver" here: http://public.fotki.com/jlgraupera/t...side_treo_180g )
I'm desesperately looking for a new Treo 270 (I cannot wait until a Treo 600 GSM comes out!)

I placed an order at expansys.com but it has expired waiting for stock: the price initially was 400 € but it has been increased to 625 € for a refurbished one, but they do not even know when they will have any available)
My first Treo was bought at HS site but they do not deliver internationally (I live in Barcelona,Spain), on line retailers are vey expensive ( http://www/bonacuista.com in Spain sells a Treo for more than 800 €!!!)
I finally found a good price (600 € at http://www.treostore.com but trying to contact them by phone I found they are on vacation until september (they do not even answer mails)
BTW, didn't found any Treo in the street (Fnac & El Corte Ingles had Treo's in the past but they do not want to sell more since they say they are buggy...)

How is HS going to make business if buying is so difficult? (well, considering I do not want to pay 1000 $)

So, please, any idea on how to buy a Treo 270 in Europe for less than 600-700 € ????