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    I've got:

    Minstrel S wireless modem, new in box
    Visor connector to Serial Connector cable

    I'm interested in trading for:

    Landware Burropak, PDA shoulder holster
    Audible Adviser
    Powernapping module
    Step Helper pedometer
    Targus Handcam
    Prism USB sync/charge cable
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    How much for the paraphone
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    I don't have a paraphone. I want to trade for one.
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    Super hard to find module. I managed to get one on Ebay (I'll never give it up).

    It really is a great device, would highly recommend it.

    Unfortunately, the battery is just about shot on it and I can't seem to find a replacement.

    Good Luck

    Strange Tanks
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    I have a webcomic. You should read it, or I may do something rash. <b><a href=>Drive-by Loitering</a></b> is updated every monday, wednesday and friday.

    <!img src= alt="Soundsgood is too elite for the punks."><img src= ><!img src= alt="Soundsgood is too elite for the punks.">
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    I might be interested in buying the presenter to go. How much?
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    I'm Sorry, the PTG has been traded.
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    How much for the thinmodem? The serial cable?

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    Make me an offer.

    I'm also accepting trades for Rambus or PC133 memory.
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    You have PM...
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    PowerNap Module

    As for the HandCam, there is a company out of TN (disguised as three companies) that put it out there, along with a few other things on eBay. You can get a HandCam for a penny (as I did), plus 10-12 shipping. Not a bad deal.

    The Prism sync is on there, too, but usually goes for a pretty penny.

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