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    Karen Yeh
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    Powered PDA Swivel Mount Super Bundle Sale!!

    Click here for a Picture

    We've got double the savings starting this week at the Seidio online Store. SEIDIO'S POWERED SWIVEL MOUNT SUPER BUNDLE offers an incredible deal--premium products at an affordable price. It provides a secure way to mount your PDA, Power and charger your PDA, and improve the sound output for GPS software, MP3s, digital books, Pocket PC Films, or hands free operations on your PDA phone (XDA/T-Mobile and Treo) and wireless phone.

    This versatile bundle provides your mount cradle with three different mounting solutions, the 8" Windshield Suction Pedestal, the Locking Vent Clip Pedestal, and the Multi-Angle Dash/Console Pedestal. We offer this bundle for PDA users who would like to mount their PDA in a variety of ways based on their personal preference or vehicle interior. Because three pedestals are included, PDA users may also avoid the hassles of transferring pedestals from vehicle to vehicle. A swivel adaptor is included.

    The Powered PDA Swivel Mount with Bundled Mounting (8” windshield & Vent) includes:

    1 Powered PDA mount cradle with DC power cord
    1 8” Super Strong Suction Windshield Pedestal
    1 Locking Vent Clip Pedestal
    1 360-degree Swivel Adaptor
    1 Audio cable (used to enable the speaker)
    1 Power Cable for your model of PDA

    Regular Price USD$79.95 / EUR$71.38
    Promotional SaleUSD$49.95/ EURO$44.60 now through August 10, 2003

    SEIDIO'S POWERED SWIVEL MOUNT SUPER BUNDLE is an incredible deal— Don’t pass up this opportunity. You can't find a better deal anywhere else!

    Click here to order your Seidio’s Powered Swivel Mount Super Bundle
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    Karen Yeh
    Seidio, Inc.
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    This is a sale?
    I thought that was always the price.
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    That's a good question. $49.95 was always the price of the swivel itself, but now you're getting all the accessories for free! Take a look of the picture, and you will see what it includes.

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