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    SEIDIO’s Treo 180/ 270/ 300 Hands-free Powered Mount Kit

    Seidio is thrilled to announce a new design of a hands-free powered PDA mount for Treo 180/270/300. Featuring a holder, speaker and charger, simply plug a Hands Free Cable into your Treo phone’s ear jack and you are ready to go. The build-in high performance speaker ensures clear sound quality with no echo or disturbance through your conversations. It is also a conveniently safe and innovative way to use your PDA phones while you drive.

    With a speaker volume which can be adjusted from the volume control on the side of the unit, the hands free cable comes with a high sound-quality microphone along with a one-touch button to answer or end a phone call. More importantly, it allows an easy wireless phone and digital camera charge without any hassle.

    Currently featuring inventive products, our online store contains the foldable USB cradle for Treo 90/180/270/300 users and the Swivel Global Joint Adaptor, which provides the ability to position the PDA at every possible viewing angle and GPS reception. It also allows both the driver and the passenger to easily view the navigation maps, while reducing windshield glare for GPS map clear viewing (for windshield and vent mount only).
    Karen Yeh
    Seidio, Inc.
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    Yeah, I'd be happy to announce this too, if I were selling plastic parts for phones at this price

    Something about cel accessories seems to push the price into the stratosphere. It's like buying a part for a car - for a Chevy the part costs $29. The same part for a Caddy is $119.

    Oh well, if the market will bear........

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