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    SEIDIO is thrilled to announce the convenient and fast shipping services for European customers starting from July 15, 2003!!

    SEIDIO now offers Europe Direct Service, a shipping service for European customers or any customers wishing to ship their orders to a European destination. Under this service, SEIDIO will ship your orders to any European destination directly from our new facility in Europe. This new shipping process provides customers with the following benefits:

    Avoid lengthy shipping times and delays - Receive your orders faster
    (3 to 5 business days)

    Avoid paying expenses such as duties, taxes, and fees.

    SEIDIO is offering this service in response to the overwhelming demands and needs of our European customers. We would like our European customers to be able to make purchases in an easy and economical way. SEIDIO is growing to serve you better!

    Please visit for more information!
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    Are you working with Handspring so European customers can take advantage of their great $99 Visor refurbs?
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    We do have handspring compatible products available at both our global site ( and the european site ( where you can certainly find some great deals.

    Our products come with quality and cutting edge design. For more information please visit our sites!

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