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    Looking to buy one in the UK

    Can anyone recommend any decent mail order places ? Trying to avoid Expansys


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    Hey Lycrawearer,

    Here in the US, Staples has them on sale for $19.00 US plus tax or $20.65 US.

    How much are you looking to spend? I could buy one and ship it to you via International Priority Mail for around $6 or $27.00 total cost.

    If it is in your price range, I'd be happy to ship one to you.

    Wishing you the best.
    Dave Lindberg, Fellow Treo 300 User

    P.S. Otherwise, I think will ship internationally but will cost you $24.95 plus.
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    Many thanks for your offer ... it's no longer needed now - I have been emailed privately by another one of your fellow countrymen who has 'sold' me one.

    I really appreciate your offer though - thanks !

    Over here in the UK, the Action case costs approx $40 ... (ouch)



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