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    I was looking at several HandSpring Visors for a friend. I thought that all of them were the "deluxe" version.
    I think the different colors were
    Deep Blue
    Light Blue
    and maybe Orange
    In the software, menu/info I clicked on Version and I got these three versions:

    Does the Color or SW version indicate if it a Visor, or Visor Deluxe,
    are the Visor Neo, Visor Blue and the Ice or lego colored ones really Deluxe or regular Visors?

    2 of the same color had different versions too.

    Is there a code in the serial number that indicates the model and number?
    Please let me know.


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    The original visor was graphite and came with only two megabytes of ram.

    The original deluxes came in graphite, orange, blue, green and ice. They came with 8 megs of ram. See.

    The neo came in graphite, dark blue and red. Also with 8 megs. See.
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    In the 2 links in your post the Tech Specs show the Visor Deluxe software version as "3.1H" and the Visor Neo as "3.5.2H3" does this hold true?

    If you look at a "Graphite" Visor it may have the OS version:
    3.1 then it is a Visor 2MB?
    3.5.2H then it is a Visor Deluxe?
    3.5.2H3.0 then it is a Visor Neo? Also in Dark Blue or Red

    Visor Deluxe was also in orange, light blue, green and ice

    Or does the sw version get updated when you down load a patch?

    I have an Ice with 3.1, and one ice with 3.5.2H3.0

    so the model type doesn't follow the sw release real close are the colors a 'sure' thing?

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    I have an Ice with 3.1, and one ice with 3.5.2H3.0
    None of the visor lines were OS upgradable via flash. They release small patches, but I don't think they ever made a jump from 3.1 to 3.5.

    My visor delux has version 3.1h3.

    the colors a 'sure' thing?
    As far as I know.

    I dont recall an Ice neo, but that doesn't mean there wasnt one. I would say that if it has 3.5 os, it is a neo.
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    Tho I hadn't tried it myself, I believe it's possible to put a Deluxe casing on a Neo, and vice versa. Everything about them was the same except for the non-upgradeable OS version.
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    I am puzzled........once you turn on a Visor is there anything that differentiates the Visor, from the Visor Delux and the Visor Neo inside or outside the unit.

    Does only the Neo have the 'Advanced Calculator' or was the 'Date Book Plus' only offered on the Delux and not the Neo? Was the Visor the only unit that came with Palm 3.1?

    I'm still scratching my head


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    First, check for battery type. The Prism, Edge, and Pro use rechargeable batteries; the other Visors use 2 AA cells.

    If it's some color other than black (graphite) and has OS 3.1H, it's a Deluxe. If it's some color other than graphite and has OS 3.5H, it's a Neo, unless it's silver--then it would be a Platinum.

    Among OS 3.1H devices, if it's graphite and has 2MB of memory, it's a base Visor; if it's graphite and has 8 MB, it's a Deluxe.

    All Visors have the advanced calculator and DateBook+, if I'm not mistaken.

    I can only remember one OS patch for Visors--I can't recall exactly what it did, but there was a version for the 3.1H devices and one for the 3.5H Platinum, and part of what it did was deal with a memory problem that some Visors had. If the patch was installed on a Visor or Visor Deluxe, the OS version became 3.1H3 (no memory problem) or 3.1H3M (memory problem). Same thing with the Platinum; 3.5H3 or 3.5H3M. There never was a patch to upgrade 3.1H to 3.5H.
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