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    Just bought a Palm Tungsten T, so I'm selling out:

    • LandWare GoType ($70 retail) Check it out on eBay!
    • SOLD Handspring Gameface ($25 retail)
    • SOLD Pacific Neo-Tek OmniRemote ($60 retail)
    • SOLD VisorPhone, unlocked
    • SOLD Magellan GPS module
    • SOLD Handspring Visor Platinum (silver), great condition, no scratches, extra WriteRights ($200 retail)
    • SOLD I.C.U. Accessories Power Accessory Kit ($50 retail)
    • SOLD Handspring 8MB Backup module ($40 retail)
    • SOLD Handspring Visor Stylus Rainbow Pack
    • SOLD Innogear MiniJam (black), SD card IS included ($100 retail)
    • SOLD Handspring 8MB Flash module ($30 retail)

    At one time, I paid about $800 for everything. Yours for a steal. Any takers for any or all of these items? Let me know:
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    Interested in the omni remote

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