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    I just purchased a Visor Edge to replace a Visor that was recently stolen. It arrived today and I must say that I was pleased with how quickly it arrived.

    Unfortunately the unit was dead out of the box. I went through all of the standard fixes. Tried a soft reset, hard reset, and a cradle reset. No change. Let it sit in the cradle and recharge and tried them all again. No change.

    Emailed Visor support and got a very quick response. Unfortunately their response was that I should call their non-toll free support number where I would be charged $19.95 to get support for this defective product! What a rip off!
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    It used to be that they would not charge the $19.95 if they can't fix it over the phone. Still, that's pretty bad that it is dead out of the box.

    Haven't you heard? Palm is buying Handspring. That usually means that morale and operations are going down the tubes. My Prism is limping along and I am waiting for the acquisition to complete before I even think of buying either a refurb Prism or a new Palm. (I'm acutally hoping that Palm will revive the springboard module, but I've been told not to hold my breath. Let's see.)
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    Yes, I heard that Palm has purchased Handspring. Unfortunately I didn't find out until after I placed my order.

    If I can't get a satisfactory and FREE resolution to this problem you can bet that I'll never purchase another Handspring or Palm product again and will do my best to spread the word about this ripoff. I can understand charging for support although 19.95 is ridiculously steep. However, when an item arrives DOB its absurd to charge.
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    Absolutely. I feel your pain. I hope things improve under Palm's management. Handspring's tech help has stunk for a while now.

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