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    Does anyone knows were can I look for European Treo's on sale ?

    Anybody knows any EU links ?
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    I bought my Treo 270 at You should be able to pick one up for between 200 and 300 euros now.
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    Expansys seems a nice place but customer service is the worst in the world. (look at the international sites)

    I've been waiting for a delivery of a Treo 270 order for months and it has continuosly delayed and finally cancelled (no stock)

    I'm trying now in , it has been said that they are going to have the exclusive of on line selling for the Treo 600 in european countries where Orange is not present (like Italy and Spain). The original italian distributor for treostore is . None of both sites are working well, on line orders fail, mails are returned. I tried to call but voice mail says they are on vacation until August the 25th.

    I will insist ...

    If you know about any other Treo shop delivering to Spain for less than 600 € just mail me or reply this post
    Joan López i Graupera
    Barcelon@ - Catalonia

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