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    Hey folks (especially NY or CT folks),

    My Treo has served me well, but I recently switched carriers from T-Mobile to Sprint. I am either looking to trade or sell my Treo.

    The only things I would consider trading it for is...a Tungsten T or Zire. Then again, maybe there is something else out there I haven't thought of that might tickle my fancy.

    The Treo 270 is unlocked, used about 7 months, bought directly from the Handspring website, never sent in for repairs/problems, has exterior scratches to the paint, perfect working condition, screen/buttons/antenna/jog wheel/etc. all in great shape, all original documentation/boxes, includes software, USB sync cable, AC charger, ear piece, belt clip and car charger.

    Have not decided what I would sell it for straight up - might be putting it on ebay next weekend. I would prefer working with someone I could meet in Manhattan or Southern CT, but I am open to working with anyone who is HONEST.

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    I'm an honest person, and I'm considering the Treo 270 to replace my broken VisorPhone. (Visor Deluxe still working great)

    Although I'm in Houston, I have family that lives in Manhattan that could complete a deal for me.

    If you're considering selling straight up, how much is it?

    You can email me at mschung298 (at)

    Million Dollar Bills, anyone?

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    Just an update...

    The Treo has been sold.

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    just curious, what did you sell your 270 for? I've been thinking about giving it up as my contract is getting close to ending, and I have a new work phone (lgvx4400). The treo is in perfect shape, no scratches or problems.

    update - I checked ebay and will sell my treo to anyone in Texas for $300 - you can check it out yourself. It will include the original charger/sync cable, an aftermarket combo cable, at least the 2 belkin flip cases, both Handspring treo cases, car charger, anything else I have around for the Treo!

    I also have the Jabra Bluetooth for Treo - extra
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    Just sent you a private message inquiring about the details.

    Could you please check it out ?


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