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    I plan to put my Prism up for sale in the next few days. I love it, heck I use it more than my laptop. I used it mainly during my undergrad. school to take notes, listen to music, etc. Now that I've finished school I'm going to sell it to pay off a few minor loans.

    Cobal Visor Prism
    USB Cradle
    Original Box/Reciept
    3 yr. warranty from Office Depot (one or two years left on it, I need to check tommorow)
    Innogear MiniJam MP3 player (original box) with 64MB card
    MemPlug Compact Flash Card adapter with 64 MB card
    Compact Flash Card adapter via USB for computer
    Eyemodule 1 camera
    original leather case
    neoprene case
    Stowaway keyboard

    Everything is in excellent condition. I hate to get rid of this package because I've made such good use of it. I'll sell all or some of it. I'd prefer to keep Prism/Cradle togather though. This is a great deal considering you have a warranty in case the dog decides the prism is a new toy.
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    Do you still have the prism?

    I need one, send a message to
    Sonny Crockett
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    I'de love to buy your minijam and MMC card. Please Email me at:

    Strange Tanks
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    Everything has been sold except the eyemodule. If anybody is interested let me know asap else it's going to Ebay.

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