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    I am seriously considering getting the new Palm Tungsten C. Was considering the Sony Clie TG50, but after seeing it, the screen was small compared to the Prism and had some anomalies. The T|C is suppsed to have a screen equal in size to the Prism or a little bigger. Anyway, I want to defray the cost somewhat by selling my Prism and accessories, but don't know what it is worth or what to ask for on Ebay. Here is the package:

    -Visor Prism (2 ys old, mint condition, no screen scratches, BRAND NEW BATTERY, just installed)
    -USB docking station, A/C adapter
    -E&B Leather Case
    -2 Pilot Pentopia Chameleon Styli
    -Stowaway Keyboard
    -Travel Charger
    -USB sync cable
    -Memplug SM
    -64 MB SM card

    I think it is a pretty good package, but considering the Prism can be had new for $169 these days, I don't know what reserve price I shoudl put on the thing.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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    You may not like this but if you can get between $140.00 and $150.00 you'll be lucky. I sold mine last month and it was an eye opener. My Prism,thin modem + and game face all in great condition went for $150. My advice is to try Amazon also, that is where I had the most luck. A kid's mom bought it for here son under 15 years old. I wish I had moved faster to sell mine when I got the itch.
    Good luck
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    I am interested in buying a used handspring prism! I have had problems getting replies to emails with questions on the condition of the unit & etc to sellers on ebay.
    Used prisms have been going from $70 to $150 depending on the bidding. If you want, please submit photos of what you have for sale to, and I will email back an offer!
    Good Luck on selling your stuff.
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    I will certainly do that. It won't be until tonight though, but I will put everything together and get back to you!


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