From an email I just received:

Pardon this interruption. You are receiving this email because you ordered a memory expansion adapter for a Visor PDA or another product from Matchbook Products in the past, either a Matchbookdrive or a FlashPlus adapter.

Matchbook Products is liquidating its remaining inventory of FlashPlus memory expansion adapters and will then be ceasing business. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $49. We have marked the price of our adapters down from $35 to $25. If you know anyone who has been considering buying a FlashPlus adapter, this is an excellent opportunity to get a bargain on a FlashPlus. We are including a fully licensed copy of VFS Quickback, a great backup program and a $9.95 retail value, at no extra cost. We only have a couple of hundred adapters left, so please don't delay if you know someone who is interested.

Adapters may be purchased at .


Keith Hudson
Matchbook Products LLC