3 yr. old Visor Deluxe with original CD (soon to be an antique)
1 Black USB Connector
1 Ice Serial Connector
1 Stowaway Keyboard
CardAccess Thinmodem w/ connecting cable
8 Mb Flash Module
Backup Module
Eyemodule 2
RhinoSkin Case
Rubber Case
Cheap Simulated Leather Case
1 Stylus with Pen
1 Pentopia Stylus
1 Matchbook Drive requires File Mover Utility
Connector cable for Motorola Startac
1 Konexx Telephone Coupler
Extend Full Charge Lithium Battery with Charger and Travel Charger (Car)

Best Offer.

Loved the Visor, it worked well, but I don't want another phone, so I'm migrating to a Palm. Too bad Handspring abandoned the organizer.