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    Nutshell needs your help.

    In line with our policy of listening to our customers, we now offer you even more choices when you purchase a Nutshell holster. In addition to the eight colors and finishes that we currently offer, we have options which:-

    1. Let you decide if you want to buy your Nutshell without the top safety strap - as a 'Bucket' style belt clip or belt loop holster.
    2. Let you add an elasticized card pocket to the front of the holster that holds all sorts of small stuff, including memory cards (but it will also accept coins, or even batteries).
    3. Make it easier for you to add a shoulder strap to the belt clip holster.

    Please take a look at these options and let us know if they meet with your approval.

    All the best,
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    Ian @ Nutshell
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    I have a nutshell and it's great. Can the elasticized pocket be added to mine or do I have to get a new one??
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    No, the pocket cannot be added to an existing holster.
    The pocket is created by cutting the panels on the front of the holster in construction and sewing in super-heavy-duty elastic underneath the leather. That way it will never break.
    Ian @ Nutshell
    "When you least expect it...always expect the unexpected."
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    I have a Nutshell and it is fantastic!!! I work in construction and I have dropped my Treo 270 over a dozen times from heights as far as 20 feet onto concrete. Never any damage to the phone or even the case. Well worth the $40.00 I spent.

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