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    I have decided to sell my Treo 300, because where I am going this summer it will be exposed to lots of sand and water... which I imagine will not be terribly good for it.

    I have kept good care of it, the screen is in perfect condition, having been used with screen protectors since day one. The casing is in great condition for a treo. It was not used with a holster, but the cradle scratched up the back a bit here and there (all very minor) and there is one ding from dropping it into my pocket when my keys were there, sine then it has stayed in my leather belt case. I will have pictures by tommorow hopefully to show the condition.

    It comes with:
    Treo 300 and ALL original stuff, including car charger, hands free, manuals, and packaging.
    Extra Car Charger (fuse is blown out though).
    Handspring Cradle
    9 Unused writeright screen protectors
    Teski Leather Holster
    Treo300sms License
    KBTracker License

    So, I am thinking for all this (and in light of recent price drops) that I would like to get $280 + shipping OBO.

    Send me a PM or e-mail to if you are interested.

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    price drop.

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