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    i am looking to buy hp palm pre 3 GSM version for using it in europe, if u have something working in not terrible smashed condition pm me with your offer.
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    I have one that works in the UK/RoI. It's in good condition. I'll PM you later with some details.
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    I have GSM QWERTY Pre 3, with multiple touchstones, and a matching Blackberry belt holster, boxed, original accessories unlocked to any network, tested in Ireland and Poland networks.

    Ear piece isn't working for some reason, I think it happened after I Doctored it, I'm not even sure - because I'm always using stereo Bluetooth headset. Maybe you can fix it.

    I power it up every few months, out of pure nostalgia. Would like to think it will go into some passionate's hands, rather than wasting away in my drawer.
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    Did you happen to sell this, or are you still offering?
    Looking for guidance on developing email me for some good sources of info please, thanks!
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    Hi Bradley. Are you looking? I have a Pre 3 to sell.

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