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    Selling my HP Palm Pre "4G" edition, with AT&T branding, but carrier unlocked (currently on T-Mobile). Includes an extra, nearly new battery.

    Update: I am embarrassed to report that I made the rookie mistake of leaving an empty SIM adapter in the SIM slot, and now have destroyed the pins -- and damaged the slot. The price has been updated to reflect the phone's new "for parts or repair only" status
    Note, the device still powers on and works on WiFi -- just no phone calls or texts will be possible. I feel like a dummy...

    The phone comes with original accessories, in the original box -- everything is in good-to-very-good cosmetic condition, and perfect functional condition.
    The slide mechanism is firm, and none of the keys are rubbed off. The HP logo on the back is intact, and still shiny, and the back itself has no cracks.
    The screen is clear with no dead pixels, although there are a couple very shallow scratches that can be seen in direct light from certain angles -- you really have to look for them.
    The front of phone has a blemish in one corner, and a hairline crack in the other. I've included close-up pictures of these issues.

    The new battery is from Sumy, and has only a couple weeks worth of cycles on it. The OEM battery will be included, which still holds a charge good enough for a solid day of use. A Touchstone charger is included as well.

    The phone will come packaged well, freshly reset and Doctored, with activation bypassed.

    Asking $40 USD for everything shipped within the U.S.
    I can also ship to Canada, with a delay and an extra $10 US.

    IMG_6124small.JPG IMG_6129small.JPG
    IMG_6122small.JPG IMG_6123small.JPG
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    "The best way to get something done is to begin" ~ Author Unknown
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonwise80 View Post
    Selling my HP Palm Pre "4G" edition
    Are you done with webOS? Or is this a 'spare' device?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Preemptive View Post
    Are you done with webOS
    Keeping my TouchPads -- they don't seem to have much value outside of our little community, but they're still awesome devices for traveling (movies, books, games and podcasts -- without impacting my phone's battery life!)
    Email, surprisingly, still worked after the Microsoft deadline, but I'll be changing jobs and down to a single phone soon. While the Pre3 was good enough for personal stuff, it couldn't keep up for business travel (airline apps, Uber, expense reports, etc...) so I have to let it go. Furious with myself for the stupid SIM card mistake -- although upon Googling, apparently its not an uncommon one. Otherwise, its still a wonderful little phone. I'll miss the solid feel of it in my hand, and the fluid UI.

    At some point, I'm sure I'll get back into doing some tinkering with code -- I still need to learn Enyo. But at the moment, my hobby time is going into restoring old Macs. That era of hardware hacking is closer to my skill level
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    Phone sold! Long live webOS!

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