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    Hi all,

    Today I'm offering my entire webOS collection. It includes:

    - excellent condition wifi TPad
    - excellent condition Pre3 with original box
    - excellent condition Veer with original box, including all magnetic accessories
    - excellent condition TPad Charging Dock with original box

    - Very good condition FrankenPre2 with Sprint comm board with original box
    - 2 Pre2 and 1 Pre damaged phones for spare parts
    - Excellent condition Palm z22 PDA with 2 gel and 1 clear hard cases and charger
    - 7 TStones, one sanded down to better fit the Pre3 unique shape

    But wait! there's more:
    - leather TPad case
    - Pre3 leather belt clip case
    - leather Pre2 pouch case
    - Pre2 belt clip case
    - Pre 2pc hard case
    - Palm branded car cigarette charger 1A
    - original boxes for 2 Sprint Pre, 1 unlocked Pre2, 1 VZN Pre2
    - 3 Palm branded 1A chargers (no cables)
    - 1 Pixie Tstone-ready back cover ( i was going to use to mod a Samsung phone)
    I'll ship it all very nicely in one package, for $300

    All functioning devices have near perfect glass and absolutely minimal wear. The TPad has NO cracks by the speakers. The Pre3 still has the little chrome bit in the HP symbol on the back.
    All devices are in bypass mode and loaded with webOS apps. The FrankenPre2 is loaded with over 900 mp3s. They all function perfectly today as wifi devices. The Pre3 and Veer work perfectly on T-Mobile or ATT mvno's if you insert your valid SIM. Battery life on the three excellent devices is still pretty good, because I didn't use them much at all. I DID want to, but instead they've been on their shelf looking nice while collecting dust, for years. The Pre2 I used quite a bit on Sprint, but it still looks great. The z22 PDA is also in like new condition.

    The pics I've attached show TPad, Pre3 and Veer in ON and OFF so you can see all pixels are good, and there's no scratches in the glass. Cases are all like new.
    Any questions are welcome. No I won't split it up. I'd prefer to keep my collection, but out of desperation I'm offering them today, only to someone here on this site, who appreciates the collection as a whole. You'll get everything webOS I have for $300 plus shipping charges to your zip code via Fed Ex.

    p.s. if this price seems absurd to you, that's cool. You don't have to tell me because I don't care. The price is what this stuff is worth to ME, I don't want to sell, but I'm in a pinch, and I have few things of value to liquidate. You're welcome to make an offer by private messaging me. Please don't crap on my ad in the replies. Thanks for reading to the end.
    webOS ON.jpgall on.jpgTPad ON.jpgTPad OFF.jpgTPad back.jpgVeer ON.jpgPre3 ON.jpgphone fronts ON.jpgphone fronts OFF.jpgphone backs.jpg
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