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    I prefer to sell this collection as a whole. Getting ready to move and just don't want to pack it and move it yet again. Plus, don't have the time to ship this piece by piece right now. Currently located in Ohio, fyi. Would like $375, and I'll include the shipping within the Continental U.S. for that.

    Here's what I have:

    Palm Pre - Sprint, in box w/ wall charger & cable, comes with the soft slip case, a leather belt case, has a Touchstone back + original back, one of the sliding cases that covers the entire phone, had a screen protector on from day one & also comes with an extra Zagg Invisible Shield protector. Still functional, I'd rate it 7.5 out of 10 condition, slider mechanism is still pretty tight.

    Pre 3 unlocked, International capable, in box w/ wall charger & cable, includes International charging accessories, has Touchstone back, never used, still functional.

    Pre 3 4G, AT&T, in box w/ wall charger & cable, Touchstone back, still functional, very good condition.

    HP Touchpad 32GB wifi with box with wall charger & cable, soft/rubber folio case, has been in the case since Day 1, still functioning fine, although the case is worn since I still use this as my Kindle reader.

    HP Touchpad 32GB wifi, with box with wall charger & cable, in excellent condition but does not power up. I've tried all of the fixes listed in the Forums, but haven't been successful in getting it to power on.

    (2) Touchpad Charging Dock, one still in the original box.

    HP Touchpad soft/rubber Folio Case in box.

    HP Wireless Keyboard in box.

    (6) Touchstone Charging Dock (puck).

    Palm Car Charger w/ cable.

    Palm IIIxe w/ leather belt case, software included, not the original stylus, still functional.


    I have more pics, if you're interested contact me and I can get them to you.
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    Interested, at least in parts. Sent you a PM.
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    PMd the other day (forgot to post here about it) - mainly about the unlocked Pre 3, if you end up not selling the items as a bundle, I'd love a chance at it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by random1204 View Post
    I'd love a chance at it.
    I purchased the bundle, and I'm preparing to sell one of the unlocked Pre 3s -- the international one. Everything works, cosmetic condition is good (front is great, back isn't as good) except I can't make calls with it in the US (on T-Mobile.) I'll post here when its ready for sale, and also send you a PM.
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    What is the price for HP Wireless Keyboard? and is this still available?

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