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    Hi everyone, long time lurker first time poster!

    I'm looking to slim down my collection of webOS device, and have far too many Pre3's! So I've decided to offer some of my collection. I'm based in the UK.

    I have two for sale, both with the QWERTZ keyboard.

    First the used one:

    - Unlocked
    - Comes with box and all papers, all in excellent condition, the charger, headphones have some gentle use, I have unfortunately misplaced the original mini-USB cable for it
    - Battery is in EXCELLENT condition, and was always stored separately from the phone when in storage tightly wrapped in a non-conductive material
    - Phone is in very good condition, but has a strange red mark on the HP logo (please see pictures)
    - I'd be looking for around 80USD







    and the new one:

    - Unlocked
    - Never used, still in its original screen protector. This phone has been stored from new, with the brand new battery in storage, tightly wrapped in a non-conductive material
    - New box, new headphones and all cables
    - For this one I'd be looking for around 160USD.




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    maybe you should mention some prices, and your location ( country would suffice )
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    PM sent on new Pre3
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    anyone else selling their palm pre 3? I'm very interesting in buying one.
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    Hi Teamvertice

    I'm looking to replace my Pre3 due to a cracked screen. Did you still have a Pre3 for sale, suitable for use on a UK/European network?

    Thanks in advance,
    Martyn Hill

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